Plant: AKL indoor automatic warehouse shelving intended for storage of boxes containing small parts; in combination with shelf shelving intended for automatic plant for storage of packages ( shower cubicles )

Place of installation: Brixen

Category : automatic storage of plastic totes in combination with finished product packaging storage ; both warehouses are served by automatic stacker crane ; the two warehouses work in combination, one handling the components needed for assembly and the other handling the finished product

Stored commodity category: packaging containing shower enclosure assembly kits and boxes containing components for enclosure construction

Product used: PN60 uprights, beams of various types and steel brackets for the cassette warehouse, MB-type uprights with brackets designed and made specifically for the finished product warehouse

Other features: mag. Packaging Cabins

  • No. 1,440 leases for storage of finished product packaging
  • Packaging dimensions : length between 1400 and 2320, width between 400 and 1750, and height between 60 and 300
  • maximum storable weight 100 kg per load cell
  • No. 6 Single-front batteries for single-depth storage
  • plant height approx. 6,300
  • Plant length approx. 48,700 mm
  • plant width approx. 20,600 mm
  • No. 16 load levels

Mag. Cassettes

  • No. 8,624 leases for cassette storage
  • Cassette dimensions maximum length 600 mm, maximum width 400 mm, height between 120 and 280
  • maximum weight 35 kg per cassette with the possibility of storing two cassettes ( in double depth) per load cell
  • No. 8 double-sided batteries in single depth
  • plant height approx. 5,000 mm
  • Implant length approx. 32,050 mm
  • plant width approx. 16,300 mm
  • No. 11 load levels

The structure designed and built by TORRI was intended for the Client’s brand new 4.0 factory, a leading manufacturer of shower enclosures and accessories. The two plants are fully automated , served by stacker cranes and handling systems.

Torri was responsible for supplying and installing the entire storage facilities, including perimeter guards and internal shelf security systems . The plant is designed in an earthquake-proof manner, and special arrangements have been implemented to counteract the effects due to dynamic stresses triggered by the high operating speeds of the stacker cranes.

The installation was carried out above a second floor of an industrial building ( slab height from the ground about 6 m), and therefore special precautions were taken to avoid affecting the strength of the metal cables embedded in the casting with the anchors fixing the structures to the ground. The total duration of the installation was about 20 weeks.

Salient features: installation carried out at second floor above a reinforced concrete slab containing a special metal cable reinforcement to be carefully avoided by anchors fixing the shelves .