Plant: indoor pallet storage racking served by automatic shuttle shuttles and an automatic stacker crane operating in the center aisle . The shuttle guide rails also perform the function of supporting the stored pallets and are integrated into the racking structure; therefore, the system consists of two racking blocks placed to the right and left of the traslo aisle; in one of the two blocks in some bays FIFO gravity roller conveyors used for pallet exit from the system are installed. Pallet entry, on the other hand, is made by motorized roller conveyor coming directly from production. The facility is intended for the storage of pallets containing water flasks

Place of installation: Fornovo di Taro (PR)

Category: multi-depth racking intended for automatic storage of pallets moved by shuttle shuttles; shuttle lane change is implemented by automatic stacker crane operating in the middle lane. The shuttles are powered by battery packs that recharge while on the stacker crane. The warehouse provides the storage lung for production and feeds whole pallet pickups for shipments

Stored commodity category: pallets containing water flasks for use in various dispensers ( civil and industrial sphere) of beverages

Product used: PN100 uprights, C85 beams along with other types of beams used for plant stabilization and roller conveyor support; Z profiles integrated with the shelf structure having dual functions of pallet support and shuttle running track

Other features:

  • No. 708 locations for multiple-depth storage of pallets having dimensions of mm 850 (including overhang) x 1250 (including overhang; forking side) x 1350/1500H, and maximum weight of 910 kg each.
  • No. 60 leases for FIFO-type dynamic storage
  • No. 6 bays with two loading tunnels
  • Plant height approx. 7,750 mm
  • Plant length approx 14,250 mm
  • plant width approx. 24,200 mm
  • No. 4 loading levels and respectively 12+5 pallets deep in the two plant blocks
  • No. 2 tunnels on two lanes for three levels configured with FIFO-type roller conveyors

The structure designed and built by TORRI for the automation supplier was destined for the Customer’s new shipping area; pallets ( single-product and single-code) arrive directly from production are taken over by the stacker crane equipped with an on-board shuttle, which transports the shuttle to the entrance of the chosen lane, from where the shuttle by entering the lane , transports the pallets to the chosen storage position. Similar operations, in reverse , for picking only that the pallets are at this stage unloaded onto a series of gravity roller conveyors from where they are picked up for loading onto trucks . The plant is fully automatic , served by 1 stacker crane and 2 shuttles . Shuttle shuttle batteries are charged while the shuttles are on board traslo.

Torri was responsible for the supply and installation of the entire storage structure part, perimeter protections to the area and material fall arrest systems in the areas facing the aisles, shuttle runways and gravity roller conveyors The facility is sized to withstand seismic stress.

The total duration of the installation was about 3 weeks.

Salient features: shelf batteries are installed on differentiated floor levels to the right and left of the moving work aisle; level difference about 850 mm