Plant: self-supporting long product shelving ( beehive rack) for automatic stacker crane warehouse; intended for storage of skids containing aluminum profiles

Place of installation: Schwabach – DE

Category : automatic skid storage for long products handled by automatic stacker crane; the warehouse forms the storage lung for production and allows both operations on the whole UDC , and partial picking operations

Stored commodity category: aluminum profiles intended for window and door industry and mosquito nets

Product used: PN100 uprights, C40x40 beams along with other types of beams used for trusses and curtain wall support

Other features: mag. Packaging Cabins

  • No. 1,020 locations for storage of containers ( skids) for long products
  • skid dimensions : length 6800, width 850 and maximum height 765
  • maximum container weight at full load 2200 kg (for each load cell)
  • each container rests on 6 + 6 low-friction plastic skids
  • No. 2 Single-front batteries for single-depth storage
  • plant height approx. 15,800
  • Plant length approx. 45,500 mm
  • plant width approx. 22,300 mm
  • No. 15 load levels and 34 spans

The structure designed and built by TORRI has been earmarked for the new logistics and distribution hub of the Client, a leading company in the design and production of mosquito nets in the private civil sector and windows and doors in general. The plant is fully automatic , served by stacker crane and handling systems made by Remmert that can connect the storage warehouse with the production area.

Torri was responsible for supplying and installing the entire storage structure part, excluding the plugging and roofing systems, which were instead procured directly from the Client. The plant is installed in a non-seismic zone.

The total duration of the installation was about 8 weeks.

Salient features: at the front of the structure, transverse tunnels have been built – using MS-type structure – to the right and left of the translo aisle within which the transverse shuttles for entry and exit of skids from the warehouse operate.