Plant: multilevel manual hanging garment storage facility built inside multi-story building

Place of installation: Munchengladbach ( D)

Category : manual hanging garment storage served by SDI supply manual trolley line; warehouse designed for maximum load on hangers of 75 kg/mt; total 17800 ml of hanging tubes

Stored merchandise category: garments in hanging version i in lying version but arranged on special bag containers

Product used: PN100 posts, beams of various types, MS posts and beams for ground level

Other features

  • No. 2 trampling levels above slab
  • about 6100 m2 of wooden floor installed
  • Total height of the plant c.a. 5950 mm
  • No. 63 dual-source work corridors
  • total length of the installation approx. 144,000 mm
  • width of the plant c.a 48,500 mm
  • No. 2 loading levels each floor

The structure designed and built by TORRI is intended for a logistics center for the Client, a leading company in the production of low-cost clothing items, operating throughout Europe, consists of 63 storage aisles – each about 32 m long – to the right and left of which are the two levels of hangers made of chrome-plated running tube intended for hanging garments. The special feature of such bars is that they allow the hangers to slide seamlessly from one end to the other, allowing the zones assigned to the various Clients to vary dynamically. The plant is built on two levels , and in the lower level an area of about 1,800 m2 configured with multi-space type uprights with large spans where the manual trolley sorting lines were installed.

Torri was responsible for supplying and installing the entire storage part, including access stairs, flooring, grating for smoke stacks, and hanging pipes. The facility is earthquake-proof designed, and special measures have been implemented to reduce fire risk as much as possible: compartmentalization plates between levels and fire domes have been installed throughout the facility.

The installation was carried out above a second floor of industrial building ( slab height from the ground 6 m) with a single access door placed at 6 m height. The duration of the installation was about 12 weeks.

Salient features: installation area accessible from a single doorway located at a height of 6 m ( installation on slab on the second floor of industrial building).