Plant: freestanding for metal baskets

Place of installation: Arakkonam – INDIA

Category : automatic storage for medium-heavy baskets ( max. weight 800 kg); total 4160 storable baskets

Stocked commodity category: car and motorcycle tires

Product used: uprights 2C160 and beams C140

Other features

  • No. 4 double-faced and No. 2 single-faced drums
  • Plant height approx. 30,500 mm
  • total length of the structure approx. 70,000 mm
  • width of the plant c.a 28,500 mm
  • No. 13 load levels in single depth

The structure designed and built by TORRI and intended for the End Customer, a leading company in the production of tires for cars and motorcycles, operating in the domestic Indian market as well as worldwide, consists of four stacker crane aisles operating in simple depth; to the right and left of each aisle are single- or double-sided rows made of multi-depth trellis shoulders, on which the running beams are fixed – by means of bolts.

Salient features: the structure was built in an area completely surrounded by buildings having a minimum height of 9 m , with only one side ( minor) free for access with materials and vehicles .

Torri was responsible for supplying and installing not only the structural part, but also the curtain walling and roofing system that was particularly challenging in this installation as it was designed to withstand a wind push having wind speeds up to 40 mt/sec.

The installation was carried out with local labor and site managers sent by Towers; the duration of the installation was approximately 8 months.