Inspection visits

The inspection visit service involves the intervention of specialized technicians at the customer’s warehouse in order to check the condition of the racks.

This after-sales service responds to the implementation of EEC directives concerning the improvement of the safety and health of workers at work, i.e., Legislative Decree. 81/2008.

Audits can be conducted on a semi-annual or annual basis.

At the end of each inspection, certificates are issued attesting to the integrity of the verified facilities. In case of any decay in the quality or safety of the product, proposals for action will be provided to restore the approved status of the plant.

As a reminder, production is carried out with work steps in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 standard;

The determination of strength characteristics, load capacities and assembly tolerances is carried out on TORRI Srl products in accordance with current laws, and in particular according to the standards prescribed by the main European standards in the sector (FEM 9.83, 9.832, 9.841/10.2.10, UNI EN16681, UNI EN 15512, 15620, 15629 and 15635 UNI ENV 1993 1-1 EUROCODICE 3)