Automation shelving

Torri Srl has long experience in manufacturing racking for automated applications. Together with our partners, we are able to provide satellite facilities, mobile base facilities and storage facilities served by stacker crane.

Satellite shelving

Satellite racking is a type of high-density storage facility. The satellite, or remote-controlled shuttle, is an automated trolley that runs on special rails and is used to deposit and retrieve pallets in tunnels made from racking.

The plant can be implemented with either LIFO or FIFO logic. This solution makes it possible to optimize the timing of picking cycles while avoiding damage to goods or the facility from impacts that might be caused by a standard forklift.

Shelving for stacker cranes

The stacker crane is a fully automated three-axis pallet storage and retrieval system controlled by management software (WMS). The handling module moves on a vertical column that in turn slides on a rail on the ground in an aisle between two racks.

The warehouses can take advantage of single or double-deep shelving and are suitable for both pallet storage and storage of boxes or plastic containers (miniloads).

Mobile base shelving

In mobile-base shelving, the shelves are fixed on special motorized bases capable of sliding on rails on the floor. The aim is to increase storage density by eliminating temporarily unnecessary picking aisles. Automation of the bases then makes it easy to move the racks to reposition them according to subsequent handling needs.

The shelves are moved through manual controls placed on the front of the shelving units or through remote control.