Lightweight shelving

The lightweight racks we produce meet the storage needs of lightweight products, whether bulk products, canned goods or lightweight pallets. The series in question are named M25, PN40 and PN60.

M25 Shelving

M25 shelving is a modular interlocking lightweight shelving unit equipped with numerous accessories that make it adaptable to a wide variety of needs.

The uprights are cold-formed with strengthening ribs and have rounded surfaces to prevent injury to operators or damage to goods. The hole pitch is 25mm to ensure maximum flexibility in the layout of the planes. The absence of fastening screws facilitates the assembly and eventual disassembly of the structure.

The tops are produced from steel plate type DC01 LAF of varying thickness according to size and capacity. Reinforcements are also available to be inserted, concealed, underneath the tops to further increase the load-bearing capacity.

The available accessories allow the shelves to be completed with the application of sheet metal backs and sides, doors to make cabinets, containers to divide the shelf into several compartments.

PN40 and PN60 Shelving

PN40 and PN60 racks are medium-light racks consisting of lattice posts and loading shelves made of stringers or, alternatively, M25 shelves.

Possible realizations with this product range from simple picking shelving to multi-level mezzanine shelving to take full advantage of room heights.

The PN40 and PN60 stringers have connectors for attachment to the upright equipped with three lugs that allow near-perfect interlocking to ensure maximum stiffness of the structure.

A wide range of accessories allows the shelving to be customized to meet a wide variety of storage needs.