Multispazio Industrial Mezzanines

Multispazio industrial mezzanines make it possible to multiply the available warehouse space through the construction of metal structures consisting of uprights, beams and walking floors, accessible by special stair ramps.

The new Multispace has increased working performance compared to the previous version: the weight of the structure is optimized according to the required load capacity, thanks to the use of five different profiles. In addition, due to the simplification of additional elements, it is cheaper and easier to assemble.


The range of beams, the heart of Multispazio innovation, offers the flexibility to meet the diverse demands that arise in the mezzanine market. Solutions are available starting from a load capacity of 250 kg/m² up to 1200 kg/m², with mesh lengths up to 10 m. The required load-bearing capacity/structure weight ratio is always optimized thanks to the possibility of combining 5 profiles of height 250 / 300 / 350 / 400 / 450 mm with thicknesses from 2 mm up to 5 mm in S420 high-strength steel.

Plate Stress

The sections of the new beams were analyzed with the latest finite element calculation programs in order to:

. optimize geometric dimensions in order to avoid local instability typical of thin-walled sections;
. Improving the height-to-width ratio, with the use of 250 to 350 mm high profiles with 80 mm wing, and 400 and 450 mm profiles
With 100-mm wing;
. Increase the number of folds, which were increased from 6 to 8;
. Improving material quality, raised from S275JR to S420MC.

Direct coupling

The process of evolution of the Multispazio product has led to the simplification of the connection between the main beam and upright, avoiding the need for additional elements while keeping the required load capacities unchanged.

Not only does this system maintain the same overall stability characteristics of the mezzanine, but it also frees you from the need to use only one type of upright, offering the option of choosing the type of column that best suits your design needs.


Made of sheet steel according to current regulations, they have anti-fall, restraint and hand and foot support functions.
The primary upright is 80×80 mm square tube with a thickness of 2 mm, and the railing is made of steel square profile. They are finished and painted to ensure good appearance as well as functionality.


Necessary element of transition to the mezzanine floor.

Swing gate

Manual gate allowing access of loads.

Electric gate

Automated sliding gate allowing access of loads.


Flooring can be made of trapezoidal sheet metal, mdf (medium-density fiberboard), or fire-retardant chipboard.In addition, for particularly large square footage surfaces, custom finishes can be commissioned.

Fire retardant chipboard

The supplied chipboard-based flooring is very durable due to its high mechanical performance. The top is composed of a chipboard with a density varying from 640kg/m³ to 750kg/m³, with a white 100 g/m² melamine-based bottom surface and a surface composed of several pressed layers designed to form a non-slip structure, varying according to customer requirements. Top surfaces can be supplied rough, gray or granite color.


Artificial woods called Medium Density are artificial panels with smooth surfaces on both faces manufactured by a dry process. The fibers are bound together with a synthetic bonding resin. They have a uniform structure and a fine texture that allows machining of both edges and faces. MDF panels are available in 25mm thickness.

Steel plank

As an alternative to wood flooring, steel plank can be provided in blind or perforated versions. This type consists of galvanized metal panels of our own manufacture, equipped with special reliefs that can reduce the risk of slipping. High mechanical properties allow for optimal flow rates.

Some realizations